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Carsons Furniture


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Carson’s home page advertizes “Come to the right place”, letting consumers know they are committed to providing the furniture they need! Whether you need modern or Victorian, classic or kid-friendly, Carson’s Furniture is the place to search for your perfect items.

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The Company

Owned by The Bon-Ton Stores Inc., Carson’s is a company persistent in the pursuit of consumer satisfaction. They offer a vast array of products in an easy-to-navigate platform. This company also offers web pages about its business, investor relations, and career opportunities. The site lists social responsibilities that the company adheres to, and details communities they are helping with their profits.

The Furniture
The choices are endless for your bedroom needs. Not only does Carson’s sell bed frames, but also mattresses, end tables, dressers, and armoires. With brands like Bassett, Broyhill and Calvin Klein, you can rest assured that quality is on this company’s mind. Brand named mattresses such as Beautyrest are offered here as well. This website has many sorting options, from brand name to price index. There are always discounts offered here, as well as shipping reductions for purchases over a certain amount.

Moderately priced dining sets allow consumers to purchase high quality merchandise at an affordable price! These sets vary greatly in detail and design, allowing the customer to tailor their kitchen to their specific tastes. Furniture of all types is available through Carson’s website and store locations; take a look and find out that you have indeed come to the right place!

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The Services
Carson’s offers a variety of services on their website. There are selections for today’s ad, the week’s sales going on in stores, and also a store locator. There are always sales offers going on, and clearance merchandise for the choosing. Carson’s also offers rewards cards to customers who spend over $200. These cards can be saved up, or used one at a time online or in any Carson’s store! Stores are located mainly in the Northern half of the United States, and in various types of malls and galleries.

Another great service this company offers is credit! They know in these tough economic times that people need furniture, and give them the option of paying it over time.

What Customers are saying about Carson’s Furniture
Customers on review sites of all kinds are saying impressively positive things about this furniture distributor. The comments are not only on the quality and choice availability, but also about the customer service they find in furniture stores affiliated with Carson’s. Employees are well informed about the options available with a variety of pieces, including shipping times, costs, and even fabric availability!

With the multitude of options, the great prices, and simple to use website options, this company is ready to be your new favorite place to purchase. Don’t like something you purchased? They want to fix that too! The website offers easy to follow instructions on how to return an item, and under what conditions an item can be returned. Also included on these pages are printable shipping labels to make your experience even easier. Browse the website or a local store, and order your Carson Furniture pieces today!